Spine-related injuries can be devastating, and it is important to seek an independent and experienced opinion. Dr. Bjerke is available for expert opinion, testimony, or legal consultation in all areas of spine surgery.

  • Personal Injury

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Physician Competence

  • Second Opinion

“I recently retained Dr. Benjamin Bjerke to evaluate a case involving postoperative spinal cord compression. He was accessible, responsive, and easy to work with. Dr. Bjerke performed a thorough review of the relevant materials and provided opinions based on the best available scientific evidence and generally accepted standards of care in his specialty. He demonstrated competence, accuracy, and impartiality and he was able to support the basis for his opinions. I will be consulting with Dr. Bjerke again on medical-legal matters.”
“I was able to contact Dr. Bjerke directly, without the need to go through a third party expert witness site. It was much more convenient and avoided fees from another company. Dr. Bjerke was prompt, thorough, and professional in his testimony.”